Retro Living Legal replica furniture


100 % Legal recplica furniture purchases Retro-living stands for quality design furniture at a competitive price. Our collection consists of both our own designs and furniture inspired by classics from the last century. With over 30 years of experience in the furniture industry, we guarantee perfect quality and excellent customer service. We always have a large stock and can usually deliver within 5 working days. Retro-living is an international company with Belgian roots. Our head office is located in Ireland, namely in Dublin. What makes us trade under Irish law. The copyright laws are different in Ireland than in the other European countries. According to this legislation it is 100% legal to buy or sell replica goods. Even if you do not live in Ireland but in another European country, trading between different European countries is permitted, with the result that you do not violate any local legislation when purchasing. If you have any questions about the legislation, you can always contact us using our well-known contact details.